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what is the interest of Romania today?

The economic stakes

  • Cereal imports in the European Union

The statistics on cereals proposed by the European executive also point out that Russia is the main country of origin of European wheat. As of April 3, 2022, 404,162 tons entered the EU from the Federation, which corresponds to 20.9% of European wheat imports. Ukraine is in second place with 328,581 tons, or 17% of the total.

Ukraine also plays a major role in European imports of barley (2nd with 79,476 tonnes exported to the EU, i.e. 11.3% of the total), malt (3rd with 1,257 tonnes exported to the EU, i.e. 6.3% of the total), sorghum (1st with 13,250 tonnes exported to the EU, i.e. 48.7% of the total) or rye (1st with 117,961 tonnes exported to the EU, i.e. 54.4% of the total).

But above all, the EU-27 import their corn primarily from Kiev. Thus, between 2021 and 2022, 6,693,240 tons of corn entered the EU from Ukrainian fields. This corresponds to 54.8% of corn imports into the EU.

It should also be noted that between them, Russians and Ukrainians provide 30% of wheat exports in the world.

Source: touteleurope

The media talk about it

Since the start of the Russian invasion on 24 February and Moscow's blockade of the Sea of Azov - closed to shipping from the start of the offensive - to the Black Sea port of Odessa, the Romanian port of Constanta has become a providential hub - practically the only one by sea - for Ukrainian exports, especially grain.

For the time being, most of these exports are still shipped to Constanta via the two small Danube ports of Reni and Izmaïl, located in the extreme southwest of Ukraine, on the border with Romania. But the quantities are tiny compared to what Ukraine used to deliver through Odessa and the Sea of Azov, when 60% of the country's port activity was related to the grain trade.

Ukraine is trying to save, via Romania, its 20 million tons of grain blocked by Russian ships in the ports of Odessa and the Sea of Azov. But the delays to get them out of the saturated ports of the Danube and the Black Sea are colossal.


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I.T in Romania, market more than present

Romania is today, in a way, the European Silicon Valley.

Romania has established itself as the reference in Europe for outsourced IT services. As well as the world leaders HP, IBM or Accenture, the French companies Atos and CapGemini have a strong presence in Romania, with subsidiaries serving Romanian clients but more generally from all over Europe. Many SMEs providing IT development services have been created by French people in Romania, such as Vauban or Transycons.

All the elements are gathered to make Romania a privileged destination for call centers: expertise of the workforce in IT, multilingualism, low salaries, excellent internet connection speed throughout the country, good macro-economic performance and political stability. The strong ties between France and Romania and the fact that Romania is the non-French speaking country with the largest number of students learning French makes it very easy for French industry leaders such as TELUS International, Teleperformance and Webhelp to set up call centers, as well as for large operators from other countries such as CGS and Mellon. All of these companies work mainly remotely for French and other European customers. In fact, according to statistics from the Romanian Central Bank, in 2018, the new technology sector exported services for a cumulative value of 4.5 billion euros. This figure is equivalent to a 15% increase over the previous year and represents a doubling of exports in just five years.

Note that the Center of Competence in Cybersecurity, is now based in Bucharest.






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